Klettgau-Bühl, Germany

                                                                                                                                                Klettgau-Bühl, Germany


The AMBASSADORS is an incredibly unique summer dance opportunity. Senior Performing Company members, dedicated to the art of dance and performance, are invited by The Dance Pointe's driector to travel to Germany and Switzerland where they participate in an intensive dance training program and perform at local venues, generating revenue donated to a local school for children with special needs. This biennial program offers the experience of European culture, language, arts, dance and friendships that last far beyond the studio walls. This program has been developed by Melissa Truelove and is based upon her own experience as a professional dancer in Germany and the decades worth of summers spent performing overseas as a young adult. Melissa Truelove has been traveling as a dancer to Germany since 1990 and began taking dancers herself in 2009.


To use the art of dance to enhance our bodies and minds while opening our awareness to the global dance community and all it has to experience.



CHOREOGRAPHERS:                         AMBASSADORS PRESS 2018: coming soon!

Janelle Brennan

Kristine Macdonald

Emily Marks

Victoria Martinez

Kendall Moran

Melissa Truelove