Acceptable forms of payments: Cash, check or credit card. %3.5 will be added to any and all credit card transactions.

$250.00 deposit per class is due upon registration. No refund will be issued two weeks after you register. The remainder is due BEFORE September 15, 2016 Cash, checks & credit cards are accepted. Please make checks payable to The Dance Pointe. %3.5 processing fee added to all credit card transactions. Families enrolling students are responsible for paying for the entire year’s tuition unless you withdraw before October 2, 2016.

Beyond October 2, there will be no refunds issued except for injury in order to receive a refund. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Class deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE two weeks after registration.
New students or additional classes will be prorated after third week of classes.
A $30 fee will be assessed against all returned checks.
A costume payment for the annual spring performance will be billed in November.


If classes are canceled due to weather: Dancers are encouraged to make up missed classes in another class of equal level. Please ask  your instructor or contact the office for appropriate make up times for your dancer.


Sometimes the first week or two of an activity, especially if it is new, can be daunting and confusing for young children. Our staff is well aware of this and go out of their way to comfort any dancer who needs an extra few minutes to acclimate.

Our studios are “dancer only zones”, in order to create a healthy and trusting bond between dancer and instructor. We invite parents to observe classes at the end of the first semester and periodically throughout the year.

If a dancer clearly needs to be soothed by a parent we ask that we do this in the hallway outside of the dance studio. This ensures that the other dancers in the studio can continue to focus on their class as well as the teacher.

If you have any concerns or questions please come to the office or speak with an instructor come the end of class.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support as we look forward to a wonderful dance season.


Participation in our annual spring performance at SUNY Purchase is not required but is encouraged. A costume fee of $85.00 is required to participate. Recital tickets will be available for purchase one month prior to the performance on a date chosen by SUNY Purchase Performing Arts Center. Tickets for the performance are at the cost of participating families. Estimate at $25.00/ticket.

All dancers are also expected to attend dress rehearsals and are to be picked up AFTER the final curtain call of the show NOT during. This is to ensure the safety of all involved.