We are an ACROBATIC ARTS certified studio!

Pre Acro (ages 4-6) | Acro Levels (ages 7+) | *Ballet is required for Acro levels III and above.

Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

Acro’s roots are in traditional Chinese dance, later appearing as a favoured style on the Vaudeville stage. More recently, acro gained popularity with the wide spread success of the contemporary circus productions of Cirque du Soleil. Main stream media including dance television programs like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and ‘Dance Moms’ have further fuelled it’s demand in amateur competitive dance and studio settings.

Acro is an especially challenging style for dancers to master as training in both dance and acrobatic elements is required. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength.

Acrobatic Arts is a progressional system for teaching AcroDance. Through thoughtful progressions, teachers will introduce new skills the dancer(s) have trained their bodies to achieve. 

This curriculum focuses on physical literacy.  Skills such as: Pike Position, Skipping, Marching, Pre Cartwheel, Plié, Tendu, etc. will be taught throughout the year.  The focus of this program includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hoping, etc), balance skills, classroom behavior skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills.

Dress Code

LEOTARD: Any style/color camisole      

TIGHTS: Black leggings                          

SHOES: No shoes required